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  • NEW Ignition Coils for Mitsubishi Endeavor Galant 3.8L
NEW Ignition Coils for Mitsubishi Endeavor Galant 3.8L

NEW Ignition Coils for Mitsubishi Endeavor Galant 3.8L


1.Built to strict quality control standards

2.Ready to use, Direct Replacement

3.Superior quality parts

4.100% Factory tested

5.Product summary: supply high voltage and energy for engine ignition system

6.Install position: vehicle body or engine 

7.Failure judgment: 

A.If the engine failed with the ignition system, such as inability to start up, lack of strength for fail, etc. the ignition coil shall be 


B.Eliminate failures of the spark plug, distributor, and high-voltage line.

C.If the ignition coil is not damaged in appearance, measure the primary and secondary resistance of the ignition coil, if it exceeds

the rated range, the ignition coil shall be judged as disable.

8.Disassembly of failure parts:ž

A.Turn off ignition switch, disconnect the connectors and the ignition cables

B.Screw off the mounting screws, and remove the ignition coil

C.Disassembly tools: threaded spinning tools

9.Installation of new parts:

A.Confirm QYL (trademark) and OE No.

B.Fasten tightly the mounting screws

C.Connect the connectors and high voltage cables

D.Installation tools: threaded spinning tools

10.Installation check and judgment:

Start up the engine after installation, to confirm the failure is eliminated

11.Suggestions on Safety & Environment Protection:

A.Prior to the replacement of the ignition coil, make sure that all the high voltage outputs have been switched off, in order not to cause bodily injury.

B.žIn order to protect the environment, please hand the replaced old parts to professional service station for recycling, or a professional reject disposal agency. Thanks for your cooperation!


1.Reference Part Number for:

35650101010010600, UF-481, 11467075, 610-58681, MR984160, MN187373, 3565010101001, 5C1505, C1505, E961, 1788446, GN10358, 52-1814, IC561, UF-481MN18, UF481, COP284, 5C1441, 2505-307668, 178-8446, C481, CLS1308, 35165, uf525, IC051277, 19005266

2.Refence for Factory Part Number:

for MN187373, MR984160, 19005266


3.Electrical Parameter:


Primary Resistance Rp:  N/A

Secondary Resistance Rs: N/A


Primary Inductance Lp: N/A

Secondary Resistance Ls: N/A

3.3.Output Voltage:

Rated Voltage: DC14.0V

Load: 25pF

RPM: 3000

Pulse Width: 1.8 ms

Secondary Voltage:≥27 KV





Improtant:Fitment information provided is for reference only. Please make sure to match the exact part numbers between

this part and the part that you are replacing. Contact your mechanics, or send us a message to make sure it matches exactly in case

of doubt before purchasing. Seller is not responsible if you are buying non-matching parts.


Packaged Included:

1.1 pc of Ignition Coil

2.1 pc of Product Specification

3.1 pc of Warranty Card

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